A long, long time ago, I made some flipbooks. Then, many years later, I worked on them some more. And I made some other pictures that move too. 


"War and Peace" Hand-drawn Fipbook

War and Peace, for Busy Readers. By me. With thanks to Leroy Tolstoy for his great work on WAR AND PEACE, which I hope to read someday, if I'm not too busy.


"What Maps Do When Nobody's Looking"

Wouldn't you like to know? I sure would. Press play to find out. Parental advisory: Geography might be sexier than when you were a kid.


"The 3 Philosophers" Hand-drawn Flipbook

Trigger warning: do not expect a happy ending with this one. You never get that in philosophy.

"The 3 Philosophers" in the Future

I've now spiked this sad story up with sound effects and music, which may help distract you from the tragic goings-on.